Invisalign Treatments:


A smile one of the most attractive accessories that one can wear and the inability for one to confidently smile can have far-reaching negative effects on the social life and the day to day activities of a person. One of the reasons that people are not able to smile comfortably is teeth that are not well aligned. Traditionally, teeth straightening is usually done using metallic braces mostly for children and also for adults. Braces are not a big deal when used for children, but adults tend to feel self – conscious especially if they have to interact with people constantly. The metallic braces can also leave your mouth feeling sore. This makes most people; especially
adults shun braces and sometimes go with their teeth not straightened.

Invisalign braces solve most the problems associated with the traditional metallic braces. Invisalign Straightening uses aligners that are virtually invisible as they are made from clear plastic. The braces do not have any metal parts and one can smile without people noticing that they have braces on. The process of fixing Invisalign aligners is quite simple and painless. You can also easily remove the Invisalign aligners when eating or when brushing your teeth and thus they do not interfere with your daily activities. Traditional fixed braces are known to cause problems when chewing your food.

The Invisalign treatment process uses clear teeth aligners that are custom made for your teeth only. The aligners are made using computerized images of the teeth. The aligners are made in a progressive series. After about two weeks of wearing the first set of aligners, they are removed and replaced with the next set in the series. The changes in the teeth are gradual moving slowly towards the desired position. The gradual shift creates very little pain and discomfort compared to the traditional braces. Depending on different cases, the invisalign las vegas treatment takes between six and fifteen months. One can monitor the progress of the treatment by themselves but it is advisable to visit your dentist after at least four weeks for a checkup.

The cost of this treatment is a concern to many people but the value is worth it. When you choose to use the Invisalign treatment you need to get a good dentist to ensure the best results. An orthodontic dentist Griffiths Simister is preferred for this procedure because their specialization ensures that they have more knowledge and experience in teeth straightening.

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